Previous Projects

written for 315 Ensemble at Frontiers Festival 2017, performed at Centrala, Birmingham 25.03.17
Small Ensemble plus live electronics Instrumentation: Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano, E.Guitar, Live Electronics Using a combination of recorded dialogue from the players, folio and programmed sound. The piece explores the sense of time that we spend lots of time in music trying to pin down versus the sense of time that we experience in the natural world and how far apart these sometimes seem.

May 2009

An amazing opportunity to be one of the musicians in a groundbreaking new project by the Japanese Contemporary Dance Network.  Performed throughout the Town Hall in Beppu, Southern Japan, this piece featured a mixture of professional dancers and members of the public of all ages and walks of life.   The performance was semi choreographed and semi improvised and I sang to accompany Cecilia Macfarlane in the amazing acoustics of the first floor of the building where audience members were led on their journey around the space.


A collaboration of music and movement between Emily Levy, Lee Fisher (Birmingham Royal Ballet) and Cecilia Macfarlane (Intergenerational Dance Practitioner).  Based on the discovery of the Gardens of Helligan.