Previous Projects

Commission for Leeds2023 Children's Day: Reimagined

Working with Fevered Sleep and Leeds2023 and co-created with Leeds Young Creatives, 'Hear Us!' explores the things that young people from across Leeds wanted to be heard, their demands, hopes and dreams.

New Multimedia Work

A new multi media work for theatre: Dur 40 mins for: 5 voices, String Trio, recorded speech  

More details coming soon but for now here' s a description of the project

Britten Pears Arts, Group A: for Vocal Group and Band

Written for Group A, a group of young singers, to perform at the 'Beach of Dreams Festival' in Lowestoft in July '21 together with jazz quartet Ping Machine.

The piece told the story of 2 young people from Lowestoft - a schoolchild in 2021, post lockdown and wondering if life will ever be the same again,  and the other as ship's boy on board the Tantivy having just survived a terrible storm after setting sail from Lowestoft harbour in 1889. Both describe the experiences which are unimaginable to the other and to themselves only months before.

Choral and ensemble

A new choral piece commissioned by the Grammar School at Leeds for choir, soloists and small ensemble.  This piece began with a group of students set up boards in a foyer space within school and invited any students passing to add their responses, anonymously, to the questions "What's on your mind?".  They then collated these and analysed them by theme, frequency etc.   This became the material for me to use to create lyrics with and it really led the compositional ideas too.

Opera Chorus for Streetwise Opera

'Re-Union' for Choir, Soloists and Small Ensemble was devised with the Performers of Streetwise Opera Groups in Manchester and with writer Marigold Hughes, as part of their 2019 'Opera Hour'. All the text comes from Streewise Opera Performers.

Written for Roderick Williams and Susie Allan

Song Cycle for Baritone and Piano

Instrumentation: Baritone, Piano, ebow

6 Songs, Approx 25 minutes

Here is a short documentary on the project

Or here is the cycle in full

For the Thallein Ensemble, Performed at Bozar Centre for Fine Art, Brussels December 2016

For large ensemble

Instrumentation: Flute, Ob, Cl,Tpt, Tmbn, Perc, E.Guit, Pno, Vln 1, Vln 2, Vla, Cello

‘Zoetroping’ (2016) was written for the 2016 collaboration between the Thallein Ensemble and the Bozar.  It explores the idea of successive states of simple movement and is inspired by the 3D printed Zoetropes of artist Mat Collishaw.

written for 315 Ensemble at Frontiers Festival 2017, performed at Centrala, Birmingham 25.03.17
Small Ensemble plus live electronics Instrumentation: Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano, E.Guitar, Live Electronics Using a combination of recorded dialogue from the players, folio and programmed sound. The piece explores the sense of time that we spend lots of time in music trying to pin down versus the sense of time that we experience in the natural world and how far apart these sometimes seem.