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A radio documentary about photographer Garry Fabian Miller's Three Acres of Colour Project 

"An inspirational story for the dark days of winter. 

A remarkable five-year project called Three Acres of Colour is taking place on a farm in Wiltshire. The figurehead is acclaimed fine-art photographer Garry Fabian Miller who has been inspired by early 20th Century natural weaver and dyer Ethel Mairet to attempt to grow at scale weld, woad and madder - the dye-plants which yield the primary colours, yellow, blue and red.

Co-creation with Leeds Young Creatives and Fevered Sleep

"It has been 60 years since the last Children’s Day took place in Leeds’ famous Roundhay Park. Drawing inspiration from this part of the city’s heritage, LEEDS 2023 has been working with artists and children from the city to reimagine Children’s Day for Leeds’ Year of Culture. The event, designed by, with and for children, will be a joyful celebration of the children of Leeds and will take place in Soldiers Field in Roundhay Park over the course of Friday 14th  July.