'How Sweetly You Burn' for Voice Vocal Trio

'How Sweetly You Burn' for Voice Vocal Trio

Commission for 'Patterns of Love' Tour (US/UK '14-'15)

Vocal Trio

Commissioned in 2014 by ‘Voice’ vocal trio, as part of their concert programme ‘Patterns of Love’ for UK and US Tour. One of 5 composers to be commissioned to write new work for this project alongside Helen Chadwick, Marcus Davidson, Stevie Wishart and Ayanna Witter-Johnson. 

‘How Sweetly You Burn’ takes its text from Hildegard’s play ‘Ordo Virtutem’ and explores parallels between the plot of the play and imagined experiences of love, betrayal and loss in Hildegard's own life.  It also explores  the intimacy and intuition of female voices singing together, such as in Voice and also in a female religious order such as that led by Hildegard.