Streetwise Opera: Opera Hour 2019, 'Re-Union' by Emily Levy


Opera Chorus for Streetwise Opera

'Re-Union' for Choir, Soloists and Small Ensemble was devised with the Performers of Streetwise Opera Groups in Manchester and with writer Marigold Hughes, as part of their 2019 'Opera Hour'. All the text comes from Streewise Opera Performers.

It is based around moments of connection: these could be fleeting instances of kindness or camaraderie between strangers, or seeing a familiar face from the past, a long lost friend. These interactions stand in stark contrast to times, such as rush hour, feeling alone in a crowded place, or at a troubled time. Far from feeling connected to those around us at such times, we can be isolated, digitalised, or searching for some version of ourselves or others that we never quite find.

My thanks to all Streetwise Opera Performers and Team for their singing, words and support and for creating continual and brilliant moments of connection.

An excerpt from the piece can be found here:

A documentary on the project is here: