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No Title Magazine, Alex Bradley

No Title Magazine, Alex Bradley

A refreshing take on the well-trodden path of folk, Emily Levy combines haunting vocals, with complimenting, almost ambient, instrumentals.

The album as a whole is an incredibly well-crafted piece.  Structurally, the album is given a strong narrative feel through the inclusion of instrumental “Still Point” and the choice of “Joy of Living” as a closing track; whose vocal focus demonstrates Levy’s medieval influences.  Musically, the album is given movement by the diversity of Emily’s vocals – from the honest northern twang of “Watching Station”, through to the brilliantly theatrical sounds of “Humm”.

It is clear that inspiration from a wide variety of musical genres has influenced this album, with heavy references to Jazz and Folk, but at no point does any musical accompaniment draw attention from her arresting vocals.

The album is an encapsulating window into a life filled with complexity, brought to the listener through a string of eloquent harmonies.  But more than that, Lost and Found’s achievement is in being a piece that is easy to identify with, a piece that really connects with the listener.