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Folk Words, Tim Carroll,

Folk Words, Tim Carroll,

Lost and Found by Emily Levy – hybrid of sounds and echoing fragile vocals

From the moment you experience the enthralling mysteries of Lost and Found they send you gliding mellifluously into Emily Levy’s expansive yet intimate musical world.  This album contains an experimental hybrid of sounds and echoing fragile vocals, and by any folk distinction it leads folk music on one more unorthodox journey.

The voyage begins with the haunting essence of “Passing Clouds” that slips gently into the evocative expression of “Shades of Grey” awash with otherworldly, moody sounds.  Once you feel secure in this world, the uncertainty of “Watching Station” takes an unexpected turn with its more solemn, direct approach.  There’s an alt-folk singularity swirling around this album enhanced by the subtly layered soundscapes that hover around the instruments and vocals.  The space and light that exudes from Lost and Found borders on the hypnotic, through the twittering bird song that preludes “Still Point” with its delicate string-driven delicacy to the entrancing “Lost and Found” and “Back to the Sunshine” with their subtle melodies, alluring hooks and intoxicating lyrics.

This album is an attractive siren song that’s complex, lingering and on occasion almost indiscernible.  Lost and Found is heaped with atmospheric vibes that need time to unfold.  It’s unhurried to reach out and take hold, so give it a while – you will find solace in its depths.

Alongside Emily on Lost and Found are Matthew Bourne (piano), Sam Hobbs (drums, percussion) Mark Creswell (guitar, bass), Rich Arthurs (guitar), Jon Burr (harmonica), Richard Ormrod (wind) and Gary Stewart (vocals).